November 26, 2018


Chisînau, Moldova


Elder Francis & Elder Cromar

Another one bites the dust

Good news is it is getting less cold again. I am hoping it stays that way for the next 3 weeks.
Well its kinda weird emailing again so soon after my last pday on Thanksgiving. This one is gonna be even shorter than usual haha. Saturday was hard, we were excited to have 5 lessons which is amazing but we ended up only having one. We got to go have dinner and a lesson with a recent Turkish convert Yasin and his family. They are vegetarian but the dinner was amazing. They are such a cool family. Truly amazing people. Aykut is only 16 but he has more compassion for strangers than I think I ever could have. He was so sad to hear about the fires in California and was worried about my family. Stellar young man. 
Finding is kind of slow right now but we are having a lot of success working with less active members so that is really cool. Our area presidency is doing something very similar to Danny's. We have a very similar situation. 
The newest missionary around her was born in the year 2000. Kinda weird for us old guys haha. We talked about the crazy stuff going on in America last night and now I am kinda worried to go home. We are so isolated and sheltered from all that stuff out here in Moldova. They are lucky here in a way. I honestly think that I had to go on a mission at the time that I did as a way of getting me spiritually prepared to combat the evils we will be facing. I am confident of the future now, and I am extremely grateful for that.
I love you tons,Elder Sewell


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