November 22, 2018


Chisînau, Moldova


Elder Francis & Elder Cromar

Thankful for Hot Chocolate

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for the letters! I love the list of thanks and everything.
For our proselyting time we have another dinner appointment so it will have been a good day. It is weird to have so much snow before/on thanksgiving.
Anyway, other than that we had a great zone conference last week. It was weird to give my final testimony, but it was good. That is a tradition at zone conferences. Since President Kumferman has been my president our zone conferences have been really spiritual and doctrinaly deep. These last few months I have found a desire to learn the Gospel that has been greater than I have ever felt before. It feels amazing to be taught when all you do is teach. 
I completely agree with what Dad says about desire. Anybody we teach cannot progress unless they have a desire to learn or to come closer to Christ. Nobody can come to know the truth that God is there and he is our Loving Heavenly Father unless they desire to find out. Nobody can finish med school unless they desire to become a doctor. It takes time and effort. I am grateful for what the Holy Ghost does for us in giving us that desire and helping us through.
I am extremely grateful for the saving power of the Atonement. I am grateful for my two life changing years in Romania and Moldova, my amazing parents that love me through all of my imperfections, my fantastic mission friends and experiences, for technology that makes life more comfortable, and for everything that life has to offer, and definitely for hot chocolate. 
Thank you for everything you do and I love you!Elder Sewell


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