June 4, 2018


Chisînau, Moldova


Elder Gailey


We had a broadcast for Europe and it was cool. They talked about how we all have a natural homesickness and a longing to go home, they were making a connection to our longing to go home to Our Heavenly Father but I fealt like they were just trying to make us trunky haha. In all honesty I am really loving it here and I am sad that I will only get to be here another 7 months.

Silvia was baptized and confirmed this weekend!!! I was kinda mad because they wouldn't let me skype in but oh well. Elder Froerer will send me pics but I am emailing early so sadly I won't be able to send them till next week. 
We got two new investigators this week but that is all the people we have to work with right now. We also found a guy who is literally golden but we gave him to russian speaking elders because we are selfless. Once you know Ciryllic, Russian is easier than romanian so I should be fluent in no time and won't have to give away investigators anymore haha. 
We had our last zone conferece with President Hettinger and Elder De Feo from the 70 spoke. It was really cool. He was a baptized convert when he was 10 and his parents didn't join the church! That was very surprising to me.
Love,Саруйшина Sewell

All us missionaries getting banished signed a Moldova flag for President Hettinger, he is really sad to let the country go. Chisinau is the promised land.


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