April 16, 2018


Galati, Romania


Elder Froerer


I really miss the temple. One of the things I am looking forward to the most. Liviu loved my picture I colored it all cool and he thought it was dope. He ran and gave me a big hug on sunday. He is cool.Your story about the picture made me laugh out loud. Thats awesome. Who'd a seen that coming?!
Anyway this week was ok. Good but hard. Like usual. Had a lot of people we were really excited about but most of them either decided they didn't want to meet with us, were super dodgy, or just didn't show up. But thats life the work goes on. We have more people we are excited for this week. Hopefully it goes better. Although we did have one really good lesson last week. We taught our second lesson to a 24 year old married girl from our English class. She is from Handuras. She speaks Romanian but not super well and definitely doesn't understand the Gospel language so we brought a less active member we are working with who speaks spanish. With her there the lesson went much better. We are still seeking guidance for how to help her progress but it was a major boost for the member. Sharing the Gospel and your testimony about it with others really helps it to grow in yourself. Funny. Turn outwards to grow inwards. Wonder where I have hear that before? 
Let me know how combining and "Ministering" is going. In Romanian its called "Slujire" it just means service. There doesnt exist a better word for it. Romania, even Galati which is called the "Concrete Jungle" by missionaries, is super beautiful in spring. Everything blooms hardcore and theres really bright green. Also they plant flowers all over the city. Also Faleza is this pedestrian road that goes along the river, its really pretty to run on. We contact there a bit. 
Anyway life is good. The Book of Mormon is true. I need to lay off the cholesterol. Having a living prophet it is an amazing blessing. 1 Nephi 17:2-3 is a good one for recognizing how the gospel blesses families. 
Loves,Varstnicul Sul​​​​​​​​
Full sized trees with no leaves. Only flowers like that.


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