November 20, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Davis

Week 46

I know its thanksgiving haha. We have choir practice for the christmas concert on thursday so we are having thanksgiving on friday. We are going to have a big dinner made by us and the sisters at the church. We are inviting Angel and Anda, a 22 year old married member couple and their friend Bogdan who is our investigator. We are also inviting our investigator Alin who is 24 and a new investigator Mirela who is also 24. We are guna try to hook them up haha cuz a double baptism marriage would be dope! and they both are super solid amazing people.

Also I didn't tell you this but in my last interview with the mission President he told me that he wants me doing "greater things" in other parts of the mission, but that the members have grown fond of me and the leadership has requested that I stay through Christmas. So I'm here with Elder Davis through Christmas. After that who knows where I will be. I am excited to stay here. We got our first snow today and Oradea is soon to be a winter wonderland!

We have been getting a ton of new investigators lately which is awesome but we have to give them all to the sisters because they are all girls sadly and we aren't allowed to teach women under 40. (Bad history with that I guess).

Anyway, I am super grateful that I get to be here, especially in Oradea. I am grateful for you and Dad and the hard work you put in so I can have a dope life. I am grateful for my brothers. I am grateful that I grew up in America haha. I am grateful for Cal Trans, because compared to here they are super good and fast at what they do haha. Yeah I'm just greatful for like everything.

I'm sure I have other things to say but I'm all out of words for now.

Love you and happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Ryan Sul


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