October 2, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Davis


Hey Mom, thats soooo crazy that Danny is going to Germany. I am so excited for him. Sewell family has a lockdown on Europe I guess. It is a bummer he doesnt go till feb. That leaves only 10 months for us together in Europe. Thats ok though. 

The problem with pics is that I rarely take them of myself haha. But don't worry this time they will have me in them because I got to baptize Vlad!!! I am so happy for him. He is one of my favorite people I have met here. I am absolutely honored and filled with joy that I got to be a part of that huge step in his life. Also everything has already mellowed out with the leadership and because everything went well, everything is good again. 

I know that you dont have any expectations but I also dont want you to think I am working any less hard than I really am because I know I write light heartedly often. The emotional and spiritual things have always been harder for me to express, especially when the moment has passed.

Anyway, this week was really great. Contacting has been going surprisingly well. We are beginning to meet a lot more people. Maybe its because I'm becoming less awkward when I speak lol. Anyway, conference was awesome. I want to try to watch every session when I am home. Including saturday. I dont know how well I will do with it but its a goal of mine. After the Saturday morning session, an awesome member came up to me and asked me if I enjoyed the session. I told him of course. He replied with, "me too, I found answers to some questions I have been asking." This man reminded me that the reason we have conference is so that God can speak to us through his servants the Prophets. Conference in a way should be considered even more important than the Book of Mormon, because God is guiding us specifically for us in this year, not just this dispensation or even this decade. 

Anyway, love conference, try just watching it one talk at a time. Its better trust me haha. 

Love you and tell Alex happy birthday turd. I will email him too. 
Elder Sewell

Oh and I will get the package Oct 10th at my Zone Conference


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