September 18, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Davis


Mulțumesc Maica Mea,

Nu ți-am spus nimic în limbă română până acum. Pot vorbi mai bine în fiecare zi. Dar știi asta deja. Nu trebuie să îți arat nimic despre abilitățile mele. Încă este distractiv. 

Ok enough of that. Thanks so much for everything! You can send my license to the mission home along with my package. I probably wont get it for a few weeks because they will bring it to me when we have zone conference. Thats totally cool tho I can wait. Thanks for getting Alex a game in my honor. Im sure he will love that. Its good to here that that boy is still a beast in football. 

Im super stoked to hear where danny is going. Send me an email as soon as you know. Speaking of which I teach english on Tuesdays and Saturdays and I am able to check my email really quick while I am on the computer to prepare for my class. So yes I can recieve an email mid week. I am sorry dad has been sick. Thanks so much for all you do and all you said. 

So do you remember Vlad Marius? the guy I taught who went to england. He just got back and we had an awesome lesson with him. He came to church and we are setting a baptismal date with him this week! I am excited about that. I hope it all goes well. He is a great guy.

Also just so you know Elder Davis is also from Cali. He is from Oakdale. I am pretty sure thats not terribly far from us. I made pizza last night again. Making it all from scratch is a lot of work but its totally worth it. I think I will make pizza from now on at least once for every companion. They love it haha. So Romania has good food but it lacks originality. Every resaurant has italian food and sometimes romanian food, and every fast food type place has turkish and greek food. Its the same everywhere. Oradea is cool tho and has some unique stuff. They have an amazing icecream bar that I will go to and send you a pic cuz its beautiful, we have this place called Panino with cheap and unbelievably good sandwiches, there is a place called Fries and Go that has Fry based meals, its pretty good, and we have a couple Wok places. Other than that everything is the same. 

Oh and also this week we went to Marianas house for dinner. I dont know if I have told you about her. She is 18 and got baptized right before I got here. Her family arent members but they are warming up to us. Her mom made a huge traditional romanian meal and it was the best homemade meal I have eaten since i have been here. You wont know what most of this is but maybe you can look it up, we started with borș with ardei iuți and homemade smântână. Then we had chiftele and salad with mămăligă. Normally I dont love mămăligă but with the homemade smântână and the way she made it, it was amazing. And we finished with a bunch of sarmale. I have had all these foods before but not this good. I need someone to teach me how to make it all so I can make it when I get home. 

Anyway, things are pretty ok here. Hope they continue getting better there :) 

Elder Ryan Sewell


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