August 14, 2018


MTC - Provo


Elder Jackson Udall

Week 1 MTC

Hey yall Blake was right it is like living in the temple! The spirit is here! It's a lot more fun than I expected, my zone is AWESOME! My companion believe it or not is from mesa and went to Mnt View he's a Udall, we're related to him somehow, he has cousins in eager as well. We room with Elders Matthews from Huntington beach and Woelmer from South central Alaska. In our zone I've grown tight with 2 particular elders, elders Taylor from Wales, he's going to Canada Calgary mission also he is one of the funniest guys I've ever met, he told me that after our missions he was gonna fly me to Wales and we were gonna go Chase sheep.... apparently it's a big thing there, then elder hughs from Vegas went to foothills hs (yes the one at the wrestling tournament) me and him will just sit and talk about anything from our home lives to gospel principles, both are leaving the mtc on Wednesday however. Our zone primarily has elders and sisters going to little rock, Canada Calgary, Spokane, Tempe, and Detroit. Belive it or not sister monterith from mtn view also is in my zone as well as elder spear from buckeye Half those going to Tempe have no idea the climate they are in for, the other half is freaked out thinking they might melt into the pavement. While 80% of people here are from Utah I have seen pretty much anyone from the east valley that I know! I see most either daily or every other, i actually am sitting next to Elder Nelson (Beau) in the laundry room and Elder Nevels (Harrison) is in here to. My home room teachers have been great, brother Hampshere, and Hoyt also they have cactus cooler here! Also we can use our name tags as kazoos, we took a video playing careless whisper however it's to big to send.

My Pdays right now are on Tuesdays, it is best to email me Monday so I can try to respond earlier on Tuesday and it also give me time to think of a response

Love Y'all
Elder Russ


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