March 6, 2019


Republic, WA/Grand Forks, B.C.


Elder Kohlton Farrell

Republic/ Grand Forks week 3-

I apologize, I have not been great at communicating in my emails the past 2 weeks due to the changes with being able to call our families weekly! It has been great to talk with my parents and siblings on what's happening in their lives! Some of my siblings have not established great letter writing skills. hahaha! And the "How are you?"... "good." conversations were not getting the job done hahaha. I love to hear from all y'all my new email is

I don't remember if I mentioned this before but when I first got to this area the heater in our house was broken so it was freezing... We would wake up in the morning and we could see our breath! Long story short, we talked to our landlord and he got us a whole new one! Also up here deer are EVERYWHERE! I have opened up the front door a few times and had one right in front of me! In Canada this week, I found a pair of Ray Ban for 20 U.S. $....I think they are real!
I had the opportunity to work with Elder Robb twice this week! E. Robb is a absolute beast inside and outside of the work. For example he can pick up an instrument and just play it! (picture down below, he trained a dog... He's a jack of all trades.)
If you have any questions lmk.

Love y'all,
Elder Russell Belnap


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