February 11, 2019


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

Bonner's Ferry week 24- Last week and No Degrees

This has been a long morning. Transfer calls usually come at 6:30 Monday morning so we waited forever for that! But I'm going to Republic WA/Grand Forks Canada 🇨🇦!!!!! Eyyyyyy!! And even better, I will be serving with Elder Farrell who I know from back home! I'm 2nd training him and it's going to be a party! What's funny is that President, 2 weeks ago, said that he might send me to Canada on a bike hahaha (I hope he was kidding about the bike part).

But this last week we started out by taking a trip to Sandpoint which is always a blast! The weather this week has been freezing! It got down to zero degrees on Friday, Saturday, and pretty much Sunday! People were asking us why we were outside and telling us just to stay home for the day. Missionary work doesn't rest!
Our friend, who had planned on getting baptized next week, decided to delay so some family could make it, but she is still on fire! So excited for her! While talking about what songs she might want for the service she didn't know many so I recommend McKenna B's "My Saviors Love” album. She absolutely loved it haha and she also listened to some of her other stuff and shared it with her friends up! Now McKenna Breinholt is a big move up here hahah!

Funny story, we came home for dinner on Friday and I took off my tie, and forgot to put it back on... So we drive out to a part of our area called Moyie Springs and after knocking a few houses Elder Young asked me where my tie was, Long story short we went to a member who we are tight with house (knowing he wouldn't laugh to much at my idiotcy) but he is out of town so his mother in law was there... She thought I was an idiot. But gave me a tie for the night anyway.


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