January 28, 2019


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

Bonner's Ferry week 22

It's been a fun week! Last Monday Brother Moss in our ward showed us all his tricks in pool! It was super fun! Over all this week has been great! Our dear friend Reagan has been so awesome. We see so much progress. She has set a goal to be baptized February 16th!
We had zone conference this week, which is always a blast seeing other missionaries! Our mission has pretty much doubled its numbers, the people we are finding, the people attending church, the people preparing to be baptized, and those being baptized, all within the past 3 weeks! It has been a solid increase and we have no signs of slowing down. Truly an answer to prayers!
Some funny times this week but the highlight was yesterday on the way to our dinner appointment. We were at a stop and a kid in the ward pulled up in his truck and said "wanna race?" So I, of course, put the Rav in ‘sport' and he took off around a corner in a FAT drift. However he did a 270° drift right into a concrete bridge barrier! He was all goo but his bumper was a little messed up. So he threw it in reverse in the middle of the highway and kept on going! We called him and were dying laughing! haha
The spirit speaks to me in interesting ways, this week while walking down a dark road in a small trailer park we were not sure where to go. We kinda paused to think for a minute when I heard a song blasting from one trailer. I knew who it was by but didn't know the song. I thought it would be fun to knock and say hey and Elder Young went along with it. We came to find a daughter of God going through a really rough time. I felt helpless in the situation, all I could do was listen and be someone to talk too. Luckily the Spirit led Elder Young and myself and we were able to share the gospel with her.
I also go to go to Libby again on an exchange!
Sorry my eyes are closed hahah,
Elder Russell Belnap


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