January 7, 2019


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

New Year, New Whip 🚘

We started out this last week by going to Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint which was beautiful!
Later in the week we went down to Spokane to get a new car! They gave us a Blue Rav4 for our white one, so we named it "Blue" the velociRAVtor because we are dumb Haha.
Definitely one of the best things this week is when we went to wrestling! We went and practiced with the team. They got Elder Young some shoes so he is learning! Coach was having me teach some moves and at the end said "If your missionary work will benefit these kids lives, I always want you missionaries up here!" We told President and he sent us his legendary 4 word phrase, "Bless you my sons!"
We later in the week were on the phone with President and jokingly asked if we could go snowboarding and talk to people on lifts. He paused and said "let me be clear, NO!" And started dying laughing and said "no no let me be extra clear, Heck No!" We were laughing for a couple minutes and said we could go ice fishing though (a kid in our ward works for Idaho fish and game.)
We were out tracking, and the roads were covered in ice, so we were sliding on it! It was super sweet till I fell and ripped my pants.
Super cool story: we got a call from a girl named Paige on Friday. She served in our area 3 years ago and gave us a golden referral! A lady and husband she had kept in contact with were needing help. We went over there and met them and she explained we would be helping muck out her horses stalls! After that we were talking about church and she asked if she could come next week, so we told her "no. It's members only.” Just kidding!
Then another awesome story that President sent us is- Lastly, I'd like to share a recent miracle in our mission. I have received permission to share this from the individual. Recently I interviewed a young lady for baptism. She told me that initially she was atheist but over time and through various experiences she began to believe in Jesus. Eventually, she got to the point that she wanted to do something to show her love for Jesus so she decided the best way to do that was to get a tattoo with something symbolic of Jesus on her forearm. She went to the tattoo parlor and told the tattoo artist what she wanted. The tattoo artist was inspired to share with her about her religion. She left that tattoo parlor with a new tattoo and a copy of the Book of Mormon. The tattoo artist is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She then had the missionaries over to begin teaching her and she came to know that it was true and was baptized, by the husband of the tattoo artist. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord uses so many means to help His sons and daughters come to know this Church is true.

And I got to see Elder Javier, and Heywood!

Love y’all,
Elder Belnap


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