December 3, 2018


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

Bonners Ferry week 14- We are teaching a drug dealer...

It's December! The best month of the year! Before I get to my email I wanted to mention my sister Brenna's baptism this last week! Sad I couldn't have been there but so happy for her!

The members up here in Bonners Ferry are pretty amazing! Not only do they help hasten the missionary work but we have also been gifted some delicious food! We have been lighting the world! For member visits we have been inviting members to invite their non-member friends to “Light the World”. One family we visited, the Miller's, have 3 boys who are sweeeeet! One of the boys Brecken (9) was yelling "Ya Wanna Light it up with me?!?!" When we all turn and said “huh?" he said "ya wanna light up the world with me?!" We were all cracking up laughing! Most of Saturday for the international day of service we had a ward wood project to take wood to those in need for heat. We had hydraulic wood splitters splitting, axes swinging and as missionaries we cannot do any of that so we loaded and stacked the wood. We have also been volunteering on one of the members farms tossing bales o’ hay!

We found 6 new people to teach this week! One goes by “Chub”. We found Chub at the top of a hill on a scenic lookout right by the Canadian border. He was in his car so we went up to his window and ended up talking for a while!

Lastly, yes we are teaching a drug dealer. We all need to receive the gospel!

Elder Belnap

(We also taught some in seminary which is always fun!)


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