December 10, 2018


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

Christmas Trees & Car Crashes

This week was awesome! Let me start out with interviews with President Thompson this week. We had an awesome conversation as always. On the way back to where the other Elders were, we talked about the one time a few weeks ago that the assistant coach for the wrestling team here invited me to practice with them. In my head I knew the answer because in the white handbook it says "no contact sports" but President told me "You need to go practice! That's too good of a missionary opportunity to pass up!" I didn't ask him if I could wrestle but he told me I should! So of course I said yes! I asked my mom to send my shoes this morning! Later in the evening we had a member visit with the Bateman family and the referrals they gave us were, ironically, the same assistant coach I had talked to and the other was a wrestler! The bottom line is that President Thompson is a inspired man.
Next highlight was cutting down a Christmas tree! A family in our ward, the Hubbard’s, have a tree farm, and told us to come get one! We cannot use power tools as missionaries so we used a hand saw. Fun times!
I ran over a mailbox today... while following Elder Herd. He slid and almost hit a mailbox so I slowed down till I was almost stopped. Almost being a key word, because I was sliding sideways. Anyways, a go fund me account will be started to replace the mailbox.
Other events from the week, we spent some time stacking hay, which was sweet. We also went on a split last night with some of the people preparing for missions! Elder Young went with a guy named Josh and I went with a guy named Hunter and a girl named Emma. We found out that Emma and I went to elementary school at Entz together! What are the chances?!
With the Christmas season, we have talked specifically about Christ to a lot of people and some interesting views people have of our Lord and Savior are quite interesting. Some are that "Jesus was the first communist" and the other was that "Jesus is just a metaphor". Let me drop my testimony to y'all and I will make it clear, Jesus is the immortal son of God who came to this earth to set a example for all, atone for our sins and be resurrected so we may live again as well. I also finished memorizing "The Living Christ" this week for Christmas!

Love Y'all,
Elder Russell Belnap


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