March 26, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Another fun Week in Texas, Monday we went to Franklin for the funeral of the man who has lived down stairs from us. it is amazing how impersonal a funeral can be. There was a couple references to the man, but only the preacher talked and the music was recorded. 90 % of the sermon was read . While we were in the area, we visited with three less actives. Tuesday we traveled to Houston for Zone Conf. after which we picked up a Food order and delivered it to Hearne, this was a 12 hr day. Wednesday we took a Sister to Snook where she had to go before the judge, and explain why her son had missed so much school, if the judge didn't like the reason, he would make a fine. Latter we taught two lessons to young people who will be baptized before we finish our mission. both are from less active families. Thursday we went to load Sis. Lays dog again for the vet. then went to Laurie B. and Elder Larsen rebuilt a lamp. for her. We then visited Dan Smith and they gave us a couple gifts of appreciation for some of the service we had given them. (while it was nice, we had a full car when we came and will have to leave some stuff behind) Friday was District meeting in College Station, and we got the car serviced, A Temple trip was canceled by new members, because of health prob. Had a meeting with the Young Sister Missionaries. Saturday was a new experience for Elder Larsen, as he went to spend the day pulling a bad pump from the well of a less active, part member family. (a large percent of the homes in this area have their own water well and have to drill down 160 feet to get good water.) We had to remove the roof from the pump house, build an A frame to haul the pump out then pull the pipe and the old pump, rewire it and replace parts and put in back down, The first part of putting it back was hard pulling the pipe which we had run through a tree to make the bend gentle, the last part we were holding it back so we wouldn't loose it into the hole) The young missionaries do missionary Work, We do missionary Service. When you are in the Service of your fellowmen, you are only in the Service of your God. Love the Work, Love Elder and Sister Larsen

Pictures, A Frame to pull pump - Pulling pipe and pump - Pipe through tree and out 160 feet


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