March 19, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Sometimes it doesn't help to plan, things just get in the way. Sunday after Church in Hearne, and the Pot Luck, we were visited by Sister Pinster and her parents, She finished her mission about four months ago and had come back for a visit and show off her new ring. Monday we went to visit Dan and his Mom, Dan is the one who has had throat cancer, he ask Elder Larsen to help with the milking of the goats, now milking six or seven goats, We then looked at what it would take to fix the fence for a new pasture, We then took the quilt top Sis Larsen has been working on to Sis. Goodwin, Tuesday at 7:15 we went to load Janell Lays remaining dog to go to the vet. the dog is old and blind and a bit over weight, Then back to Dan's to tear out the old fence and put up a new fence. Wed. it was back to Dan's to catch seven of the young goats to load and take to the vet for shots and dehorning, then took them over an hour away to Chrisman Where a lady bought four of the goats,. Since both Dan and the woman walk with a cane, Elder Larsen had to haul each goat through three gates to their pen. Back in Caldwell, we stopped at the feed store, for goat feed, and one of the workers came to Elder Larsen and ask where we were from , we told him we were serving in Caldwell and Hearne, he said no. do you live in Parowan Utah? He was Seth Freeman, who used to live in Parowan. Took a less active to dinner, Thursday it was back to Goodwins to teach piano, but one of the main keys didn't work, so Elder Larsen tore the piano down and did a temp. fix. We then took a less active to lunch, she had a key board and ask if we had a use for it, It wasn't working so we brought it home and cleaned it up and got it working.we will now have to find it a home. The Woman from down stairs, who's husband has been on hospice since we got here, the husband passed away so we will have the funeral this next week. Friday was Dist. meeting, then came back and Sis. Larsen gave four piano lessons at the Goodwins.(the piano worked fine) We visited a couple less actives, Sadie, from down stairs, said they had discussed us and that we should buy a home across the street that is just being remodeled, Sat. was the food bank from 7 AM till noon, then over an hour to Madisonville, where the Fosters were having their Blue Grass sing along, back to Caldwell where Elder Larsen gave two Blessings, and Sister Larsen gave the Council. Be patient in your afflictions, for there shall be many, Learn from your afflictions, that you may be of service to others. Love the Larsen's


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