March 12, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Again we got to visit about ten less actives, then helped the non member from down stairs, who is in the Hosp. and needed to get her rent to the land lord, then we went to Snook to lunch with a non member couple. Frank and Marsha, just as we were finishing up there, we a call asking us to pick up Ruben Hagan from School, he had been hurt playing football, (the Hagan car isn't working right now) then latter we went out and picked up Mercadies, for testing at her new job at the local grocery store. We taught Paige Rivera the God Head lesson for her baptism, then took Diana and Ruben to the Dr. to have Ruben checked out, Then we taught Trent Hagan the God Head lesson to prepare him for Baptism. Went to Janell Lay's and repaired bird feeders and filled them up. We have got out to walk a few times this week, to try and get us in shape. Had a meeting with our Sisters to keep up on the work we each are doing, and how to help each other. Friday we had District meeting in College Station and we finally found the Mall where we each bought a new pair of shoes. Saturday was a Day of Service in Caldwell and we helped clean up an old Cemetery where most of the graves were in the 1800's with a fence and a space seperating the Whites from the Blacks. The trees are getting old and loosing lots of limbs. Good project for all ages. Thoughts for the week, "Faith doesn't make things easy, but makes it possible" " Be Grateful in the Good times, and Faithful in the hard times" "If it is to be, it is up to me" May we each be thankful for the many blessings we have and remain faithful in the hard times.
Love the Larsen's
Pictures; Hagans to the Dr. - Sister Larsen's favorite Service project - Day of Service Crew


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