February 19, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Just another fun day in Texas, Two days we had less active older Sisters who needed rides to the Dr. - We had an older single Sister who dropped clippers down into her clothes dryer, spent one day tearing it apart, and putting it back together, and back the next day to put a new vent hose on. Sister Larsen gave four piano lessons, and went teaching with the Sisters. Had a blood draw, and went to the Cardioligst, and he said everything was looking great and took her off some of the medications , cut off pants and heamed them.
As we were ready to leave District meeting, we got a call from a less active, who was visiting a friend who has cancer, she had fallen and they couldn't get her up, we were forty miles away so they found a neighbor to help, we came when we had located a wheelchair for her and got it adjusted to fit her. we also visited many of our less active people. Saturday we went to Houston for a couples conf. and we now have just three months left here. It was a great Conf. and it is good to meet with the old and new couples and get spiritually fed. Love being in the Lord's Service and next week is already filled up..., we make plans, and then everything changes with a single phone call.May the Lord bless you as you serve one another Love the Larsen's

Pictures; FHE with Mitchells - Wheelchair donation - Couples Conf.


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