February 12, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Another crazy week, We visited around twenty families, one single woman and her kids we took FHE - one member just got out of jail and we took her to Houston to get a food order to help till she gets her check from work, Linda did five piano lessons, another member's live in, moved on and we have visited her to help out, another woman was taken to the Hospital with puenomia, We visited her twice then Sister Larsen got to buy her clothes for her to be released from the Hosp. and moved to Navasota, (half way to Houston) to rehab. Sister Larsen hates to buy clothes for herself, let alone someone else who isn't there to give their opinion. Dan (throat cancer) has lost so much weight , he has had to down size, his wardrobe, and has about ten pair of pants that need some help, We were going to dedicate our P. day to this work, but after Church today, Monday is already filled up, along with the rest of the whole week. Took a Scout with us this week to do service at Sister Lay's.
Staying this busy, sure makes the time fly, it seems like every other day is Sunday. We Love the work, but it would be nice to slow down for a week or so. There is such a need for more couples to serve. The Lord sure blesses those in His Service. May you each be found in the Service of your Fellowmen. Love The Larsen's

Pictures; Sister Larsen's favorite Hosp. - Sister Lay helping with yard work - The District


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