February 5, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Sunday we taught the 8 to 12 yr old Primary class, this was great and the kids were fun, then latter in the day, they had Teacher Development, and to get people out, they have a pot luck dinner. this way they always have a good turn out. Monday we left at 6:30 to take Sister Hagan to the Hospital for some surgery, it was only supposed to take a few hours, but things got behind, and we spent 10 hours. As we were getting ready to be released from the Hosp. Sister Larsen got a new experience, putting Sister Hagan's artifical leg on for her. There seems to be lots of new experiences. The Wildings are the closest couple to us and they are being transfered To Sealy which is closer to Houston, they will have two Branches, one Spanish and one English. Marsha Stein (an investigator) and her husband took a trip to Ireland and we met at the Church to see their pictures, had a good turn out and a fun evening. Had lots of good visits with less actives, and took a large print Book of Mormon to a referal, the Rodreguez family and had a good discussion there. The young missionaries will do the follow up.
This area has lots of trains and we usually see at least three per day, Friday night a train derailed near Hearne, no one was hurt, and most of the cars were full of coal, that was easy to clean up, but the track will be closed for several days for repair. We often look at all the friends we have made here, and wonder at what we would have missed if we had stayed home. There are lots of great people here and we will never know how many we have influenced. May the Lord bless you where ever you are called to serve, everyone is a teacher by their example and by their words. May we always be good examples in all we do. Love the Larsens
Pictures; Sister Larsens exercise - Train derail - Lots of fun Birds


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