January 22, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

What a Week, Last Sunday, we took a less active to Church where Sister Larsen got to teach Relief Society then took three less actives home after Church - Sister Larsen then went with a young Sister to three appointments then we had dinner with a less active. Monday we did a little cleaning and laundry, then met with two less active families that missed Church, as we got home a young man drove his car onto the lawn and because of all the rain we are having , he got stuck - Elder Larsen went over to help push him out and got sprayed up the back of his white shirt and pants. They were surprised, but appreciated the help. Tuesday we took a new member to Houston for a food order, they hadn't eaten for two days. Wednesday we started for Calvert to make plans for the Young Women meeting on Friday, but the rain was coming down so hard we could only see about fifty yards ahead and decided to turn back, latter we went to Somerville to meet with a new member who wants some help with a book she is writing. Thursday we were out doing four piano lessons when we got a call that the Mission Pres. wanted to meet with us, we did our service project with Sister Lay, then changed clothes to meet with Pres. Mortensen , He was going to meet that evening with the Stake Presidents from the area, and wanted to know what we were doing since the attendance had doubled in both of our Branches. They just keep sending the best Sister Missionaries to work our area. (We were the only MLS couple in the mission when we arrived, Pres. Mortensen, has now pushed and there are four couples doing MLS) Friday we had district meeting then went to Calvert to meet with the non-members of the young Women. They are already making plans for fund raising projects to get them to Girls Camp. Saturday was the Food Bank and they have changed the people in charge, but Elder Larsen is still the choice to give a prayer on the day. There was a heavy dew, but the weather was lots better than in has been. Met with a couple less actives, and had the Branch Mission meeting at our Apartment to set goals for the year. The Lord is moving the work at a much faster pace and we are Happy to be a part of the messengers helping to plant the seeds.
Love the Larsen's
Pictures; Young Women - Food Bank - Piano Lessons


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