January 15, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Last week we got down below freezing for two or three days, (unusual for this area) this week we have been back to running the AC. We have not seen snow since coming to Texas. We have done lots of visits to check on people, it seems that a lot of people are ill because of the cold days. Sister Larsen is now teaching five piano lessons, not much time left for this but we will do what we can. We got an early morning call from one older sister, who had an elastic tangled in her hair, and Sister Larsen came to the rescue. Did our weekly visit to Sister Lay to catch up on some of her projects. Sister Larsen went teaching with the Young Sisters on Thursday and today Sister Penniston is ill , so Sister Larsen is out with Sister Brienholt making contacts. Sister Larsen also had to teach Relief Society this week.
We put new tires on our car before coming to Texas, but had to put a new set of tires on this week.
With all the politics of nominating ambassadors to different countries, reminds us that according to 2nd Cor. 5;20, we are all ambassadors for Christ. and should take this very serious - Are we representing Him the way we should.. We are back to walking a few times each week, so we should be getting more healthy.. Love the Larsen's
Pictures; Hair repair - Boat - Clean up crew


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