December 25, 2016


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

This has been a crazy week - we have visited 18 members, investigators, and less active members, had to replace a battery in a less active's truck, helped a young mother make a quilt for her son's Christmas , cut hair, split and hauled a load of firewood, for a less active- baked 32 potatoes for the Mission Christmas Party, and gave away several nativities. Had a great time at the Mission Party and met Elder Evans, the Grandson of a couple who have served with us in Guyana and in Jamaica. Had dinner with a non member, and the Branch Pres. from Caldwell and then the Branch Pres. of Hearne. As we were shopping a minister of another Church came up to talk with us, and he asks questions about what we believe about different scriptures. today he told us about his mother who is dying of cancer and ask us to pray for her so she can be released. Then a young single mother moved in by us and is PG and going to give the baby up for adoption and ask if Elder Larsen could come give the baby a blessing before she is adopted. Today we were the speakers at the Hearne Sacrament Meeting, Then we came home so the young Sister missionaries could make calls home from out internet. It seems there is never a shortage of things to do. The dinner with Pres. Foster was a cook out on the patio and the temp got clear down to 70 degrees. Here there is no shortage of nativities on the public building lawns or on private lawns. It is so fun to serve where there is still some freedom of religion - A great time of the year when people seem to be closer to the Savior. We keep thinking of all the experiences we would have missed if we had decided not to serve another mission. We Love the Lord and the people of Texas, Remember it is not the things you do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do all year through. Love the Larsen'sPictures: Quilt - Haircut, - Christmas


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