December 11, 2016


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Things are getting crazy, you would think Christmas was close, We have been to three Christmas Parties, and met several non members, and new friends, we were only able to visit about fifteen of our families - Glenda Cain (one of the less active Sisters), had an operation on Monday and we took dinner to her on Tuesday, Then took a member to her home with dinner on Wednesday, then just as we were leaving our apartment to go to a surprise Birthday Party for our Branch Mission Leaders wife, when we got a call and another member was at the hospital to have a baby, but her contractions had quit and there was some worry, and they ask Elder Larsen to come give her a blessing, the hospital is half an hour away, so it was late getting home for the day.
At Zone Meeting, a new Sister missionary was asking many questions of the Elders, does their coats have to match their pants? when do they button their suit coats? one button or two? can you unbutton it when you sit? why the buttons on the sleeve? are the buttons to prevent you from wiping your nose with your sleeve? I think she may have been raised in a family of girls. After our District Meeting we had just changed into work clothes to do service, when Sister Moore (our 83 year old grandma) had a handicapped grandson in the Emergency Room at the Hospital (again in Bryan) and she wanted him to have a blessing and needed a ride to see him. We spent about four hours at the hospital. Saturday we had a Christmas Party for both Branches, one was from 4 to 6 and the other from 6 to 8 and they are over half an hour apart. of course the first started a little late, and as we were ready to leave there was a parade on the street where we were parked, one float sponsored by one of the Churches, was Rocking out with Christ, a man dressed as Christ played the guitar. The second Branch Party started a little late so everything worked out well, and Elder Larsen was able to give away several of his nativities. May we each "Light the World" with the Churches Challenge for each of the 25 days before Christmas Lets keep Christ in Christmas and be his Servants all Year Through- - Love The Larsen's


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