December 4, 2016


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Just another crazy week, In Church, we got to be the speakers, On Monday Sister Larsen had her Blood draw to see that it isn't too thin or thick, then on Tuesday she went to the Dr. and they did a draw for her iron level and other checks, and things look good for her.
Our goal is to visit all the active members and those less active that we have been ask to contact in the two Branches - between Thanksgiving and Christmas and leave a challenge to follow the light the world challenge for the 25 days before Christmas and try to fit that in around the other activities - Sister Hagan was in the hospital for four days, so we tried to meet her as she got home with a dinner, but when we got to the house, her four horses had got out and were on the neighbors lawn, so we had the horses rounded up and back in the pastures by the time she arrived, Elder Larsen then spent over two hours repairing fences. At Sister Lays, Elder Larsen got to cut down two trees and repair a leak in the roof, Sister Larsen started two youth on Piano lessons this week, then on Saturday a less active wanted to give a Christmas Party for some of her family and the Branch - so we spent time on the food and games for that. Friday we had Zone Meeting where Sister Larsen took Brownies, then again took Brownies to a Baptism latter that day,(The third baptism for the day) so there is no lack of things to keep us going -- -- This is a special time of year where the Spirit of Season affects most people and puts them in a mood to receive the Gospel - A Great time to invite less actives and non members to attend the Christmas parties and mingle with the members. Remember you are always an example for good or bad - Our prayer is that you will choose to follow the light. Love the Larsen's


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