November 27, 2016


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Just another crazy week in Texas, We met and visited with the White's who served in this area before us and She set the example for Sister Larsen, by having open heart surgery while they were here. In an effort to avoid the toll roads, we had to update the phone, then when we went to get back in, it wanted a code number - - We tried every number we could ever remember using but to no success, We tried to strip the phone and start over, but they wanted us to update the computer, still didn't work, so Scott sent us to Bryan to a computer Service Center, for them to try, so after a day and half of not being able to use the phone, and best of all we found we had used the cloud, and they were able to put every thing back, we were then able to call people and tell them why we didn't show up to give piano lessons, and visit. How soon we get dependent on technology. The Sisters and Ramos family came to use our computer to locate Family names for Baptism, and print out our names that Sister Larsen found. After Thanksgiving and District Meeting and other visits, we went to the temple for Baptisms, There were seven young people who went, and for five it was their first time. We had one of the sign language missionaries meet us there to baptize Billy who is deaf. Elder Larsen and the Branch Mission Leader split the time and did the baptizing for over fifty names, and Sister Larsen got a tear in her eye as her eight names were baptized. A great Spiritual experience for all that attended. After we came out of the Temple, we were ask to be the speakers in Sacrament Meeting today, with no time to do much planning, we had to rely on the Spirit to guide us. Today we were informed that the first Baptism in Texas took place on the outskirts of Caldwell in 1848, but then they ask all the members to go to Utah, so we are now starting over. The young missionaries are doing their part, and will have baptized over ten in each of Caldwell and Hearne Branches this year, So glad to be a part of moving the work forward, and Love the people in this area.
Hope the Family History and Missionary work is moving in your area, if not ,GET TO WORK. Love the Larsen's

Pictures; Larsen's and Whites - Larsen's and Chris and Janine Ramos - Youth excited over doing the work


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