November 20, 2016


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Sunday we were at the Caldwell Branch and there was a good attendance (60) This time it was Sister Larsen that was called on to teach the Temple Prep. class (with no notice and no manual) Monday we visited a couple families before going to Hagan's for Family Home Evening - taught about the Word of wisdom and then played "Don;t eat Pete" More visits and Blessings. Thursday we went to Houston for Zone Conference, two hours down and the Conf. and dinner then two hours back, long day Then on Friday it was back to Houston to the Temple for Mary Cromo an older Sister that has been a member just over a year. While getting garments at Distribution, a large deer came in the back gate,Elder Larsen had to have a picture, Sister Larsen came out and said the man inside getting clothing turned out to be Elder Larsen's relative, The man was the son of Ladue Scovill , Elder Larsen;s cousin - We ended up staying in the waiting room with Thelma - Sister Cromo's handicaped
Sister. It was near midnight when we got home. Then Saturday morning, we were at the Food Bank at 7;00 AM till noon although this is at the Lutheran Church, Elder Larsen is often called on to give the prayer on the day, We then went to help clean a home that had about thirty pets - from snakes and hamsters, weasel, birds, dogs, and cats. that were able to roam free and leave deposits - the smell was terible, and there was clutter and dirty dishes stacked high. another long day by the time we attended the Sat. Evening Session of Stake Conf. Sometimes we feel like we are getting too old for these long days. We have learned that it is the Holy Ghost that is the key to our calling, not our own talents or skills. We can do tough things if we are obedient , Love God, and know how to have fun as we go. We need to trust in the Lord because He has a plan for each of us. although sometimes we have to take a break and maybe even a nap. We Love the Lord and to be of Service. He Blesses us each day.
Love the Larsen's
Pictures. Mary Cromo at Temple - Visitor at the Temple - a couple of the pets


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