October 23, 2016



Weekly Letter

Another fun filled week, Last Sunday, the only deacons were the Hagan boys who were baptized about a month ago and ordained just last week, Billy the older of the two is deaf and so Elder Larsen sat behind them and gave them a copy of the prayers so billy would know what was happening, He then stood in the back to direct them where to go, there were lots of members ill or out of town, so that made it easier.
great experience. Visited Sis. Evans, who just had an operation, visited with Brittney who is less active and invited her to the YW halloween party on Saturday, but she works at the Renisonce Fair that goes until the end of November. Went to the Birthday
Dinner of Jay Ramos who is a non member. Checked with Dan Smith about his cancer treatment, and his mom just got out of the Hospital with Phenomia , Mary Caudell just bought a new car, so we drove her to College Station and picked up her old car an got it
back to her home. Took some meds to a Sister who was having problems. Had an interview with Pres. Mortensen . Sister Larsen was put on a monitor for 24 hours to see how her heart was doing. (her iron is low so she got another pill) Went to Sis. Lay and cut
down vines that were climbing under her house siding and wrapping around the power lines, Friday we went to Dist. Mtg. and returned the heart monitor to the Dr. then went to Sis. Cain to put another layer of cement on her bathroom floor. Have a new missionary
that is struggling and gave her a blessing, While the Sisters were teaching a man, they taught him on the front porch, where there were bees flying around, Sister Brienholt, got into the car to back up, and instantly got some pain, a bee had got under her
skirt, and didn't like being sit on. Saturday was the YW party, and they had a ball, I have never seen so much halloween candy outside of the store. Played fun games and had questions from the "For the Strength of Youth" booklet.

As always the Lord continues to Bless us in many ways, A Mission is Service to God, May we all be blessed as we serve others.

Love the Larsen's

Pictures; Jay's Birthday - Sis. Caine's small dog (lots of long white hair to stick to dark clothes) - YW Holloween Party


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