August 13, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA



People have been telling me there's a movie called Fargo, and it's all about Fargo. Could someone watch that for me and let me know what it's about? Haha :)
My new companion is Elder Evans from Sandy, Utah, he's two months into his mission! He's a stud, doing way good, very enthusiastic, very obedient, and we yield to each other very well, and we communicate very well! We get along very well, I love his sense of humor! Couldn't ask for more in a companion!!!
It's been incredible seeing the revelatory process unfold in transfers. I remember when I was in Rapid City, and I received the transfer call to Miles City Montana, I thought, "Man, I never would have expected this!" I was excited, and the last four months have completely transformed my life. If you met me five months ago, you would think I was a completely different person than if you met me now. That has happened in every single area I've served in, especially the last one. I was prompted to ask for a blessing on Tuesday, I followed that prompting, and the blessing told me that I've impacted people here, an impact that will last for generations and into the eternities. Wow. I've seen the impact they've had in mine too. I love missions. It's pretty much a way to allow God to mold and shape you into a much much much better person. I could go on for many hours on all the different ways I've changed, improved, grown, become better. I'm so grateful for this experience.
I'm excited to see the growth I gain here, and how I impact people here too.
1: My companion tried putting on makeup, don't know if it worked out too well for him2: I'm around other missionaries again! Hint: my new companion is the not short one. :)3: I'm back to high elevation change again, yay! 
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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