December 11, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


The Testimony Muscles are Getting Swoll


Welp, I've had even more experiences with angels... I was receiving a
blessing, and to put it lightly, I felt an angel. I am one of three people
within the last three weeks that have had the exact same experience while
receiving a blessing. Angels are around you.

God does send messengers in different forms, at different times, when you
least expect it. For one of the members here, Christmas time is a really
rough time, to put it very very very lightly, as a very large
understatement. We were at his house, and all of a sudden his home teacher
knocked on the door. He was let in. The home teacher said, "I don't know
why, but I was impressed to share this with you today." The home teacher
doesn't know what the member's struggling with. We do. The message the home
teacher shared was exactly what the member needed to hear. It was perfect,
custom-tailored to him. And it helped. It's still a rough time for him, but
it helped. Follow promptings when preparing lessons. :)

We made 42 gingerbread houses to set up for the ward Christmas Party on
Friday night. We should totally start our own gingerbread house
construction company.

I played in Primary again yesterday.

I was having a rough time last week, and I prayed that night, after
struggling all day. An angel spoke to my Spirit a quote, that helped
immensely. I felt that there were many angels around me, and they hurt to
see me sad. They are always around me protecting me, helping me, uplifting
me through trials. They'd do anything to see me safe, happy, and laughing.
They are my family. My ancestors that have passed on, wanting the best for
their posterity. You have your family around you too. You have angels all
around you, that want the best for you. They are protecting you, carrying
you, trying to do things to make you happy. Are you choosing to see it? To
recognize them?

1: I realized I hadn't taken any pictures this week, so I took one this
2: This is a picture from a while ago (a month ago about)
Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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