September 4, 2017


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Shiels

all ireland

So this past week has been great! We had an awesome pday. We went to a castle, its called glenveagh castle. That was awesome but on the way there we saw this sick tower thing on a hill and so we decided to climb it and that was a ton of fun.  I'll send pictures of both castles.
In my district its just us in derry and omagh and together we cover a ton of space haha like half of northern ireland lol. But if you  look at derry on a map and you go half way to coleraine then just cut off the northern tip of the island then thats our area haha. It's massive.  On pdays we can go with omagh in their car and drive almost anywhere. Except giants causeway is out of our area so we need permission to do that but we wanna go there  at the end of the transfer.  My companion is elder shiels from canada and he's been out about 9 months. This is his second transfer in derry. We get along great and we are seeing more success so thats great. So Ireland is awesome, and fairly different than Scotland. The accents are way different and and a lot of slang words are totally different but im getting used to them already. For example, a lot of kids use  "whats the crack?" Its like whats up or whats happening. And some other weird things that I cant remember right now.

Right now we are teaching 2 girls who are 18 and really good friends with a member.  One really wants to get baptized but her parents said they would dis-own her if she did. So we are trying to work through that. We will see what happens this week. The other one is interesting. She apparently really loves the church and everything we teach her but she doesnt seem to want to tell us that but she tells the member all the time. If we can get one baptized im sure the other will follow her and will as well. We also met with a girl the other day and had a great restoration lesson and we set her with a baptism date later this month. So hopefully we can stay with them and we should be having a couple baptisms this transfer.  There's also a couple other people that might be pretty solid.

So things are going great here in Ireland. Im trying to stay dry. My first day here there was a massive rain storm and it caused all kinds of crazy floods that apparently were all over facebook but it hasnt been too bad since.

Oh ya one weird thing that happened to me this week was I met our buddy Marty. haha.He's a super nice guy but he's a little strange. He's a witch. He does sorcery and all of that kind of stuff. At one point he was a sith lord and has the tatoos to prove it. He has some weird stories about all the stuff he used to be involved with and still is involved with lol. But hes super nice and  fun to talk to.

Our flat is weird...its like 3 levels high. Our bedroom is on the top, then study and shower on second,  then kitchen and living room on first. Its actually not too bad. We have these awesome speakers there so we can listen to music. We pretty much have a surrround sound system haha its pretty nice.

Our address is 25 fountain st BT48 6QX derry londonderry.  You can totally send letters but packages should still go to mission home cause there has to be someone there to sign for it.
Love you all and have a great week!
love elder price



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