July 3, 2017


Dunfermline Scotland


Elder Arenas

last week of the transfer

So move call is this Saturday!  I can’t believe it!  It’s so crazy how fast it’s gone!   Me and Elder Arenas are getting along great.  He is so flippin funny.  He’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. His English is improving a lot and he still has a little trouble understanding people.  But then I remind him that sometimes I don’t understand the people. So I don’t know how much I’ve told you about his hand before but he got a really bad infection in the MTC and was in the hospital for a month while they worked on his hand.  His middle finger has this gnarly skin graft that looks really gross. We have been to different doctors a couple times and will probably be going once a week for about a month or two.  That means that we might get a car! The doctor’s office we go to is in Edinburgh.  It would make more sense and save a lot of time if we had a car.  The mission president’s wife ( sister donaldson) said that she would look into it.  That would be way cool!  haha Driving on the other side is kinda weird but mainly its all their intersections and how some of the streets are set up is kinda confusing but it would be really great.

To be honest not much happened this week. We had zone conference in Aberdeen and that was great. This week we have been finding a lot on the streets and it hasn’t been successful at all, but we will keep trying. So for the Fourth of July we aren’t doing much, we are going to someones house for dinner but i dont think they are celebrating Americas Independence day.  Maybe I need to remind them that it was through America’s independence that led to a great religious excitement in America because of their new religious freedom, that inspired a boy to ask some questions. and so if America hadn’t gained its Independence, there wouldn’t be a fulness of the gospel, priesthood power and ... well I wouldnt be in Scotland right now. haha so Happy Birthday America!!!

i hope you guys enjoy your week and make sure to take lots of pics and videos of Lake Powell. I’m sooo jealous of you guys I wanna go to Powell so bad lol. But all is good here and I still am loving life.

I have a pretty rubbish Scottish accent but I think it will improve over time. So the crazy thing about over here is that almost everywhere you go the accent will change. So just about every big city will have a different accent. It is fairly interesting. But more than accents, they have different words for a lot of stuff and just different ways of saying things like they always say “yous”.  How “yous” today? Alright pal. Cheers pal.  Lots of other things that I just don’t want to even attempt to spell but I can sometimes say them.

Love you guys lots

Love Elder Price


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