June 12, 2017



Elder Hinckley

Week 2 in Dundee

So I am still in Dundee. I got a call a while ago that said that my companion was gonna be 10 days at least. And today I got a call from the mission president and he told me that he is still in the hospital so I get to spend another week probably in Dundee. Right now I am with Elder Pelham from London and Elder Rocha, a new missionary from Mexico.

So I guess we get fed a lot of potatoes. but never as a main dish but as a side. I think almost every house I’ve been to I get fed some form of potatoes. We also get lots of Yorkshire puddings. Which is good cause I like both of those things haha. I have had I think just about everything: indian food, Chinese, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, stew, so I get a good variety I think.  It’s sad the Mexican food here is terrible. I had enchiladas at a members house once but it was really weird. It was super good, but not traditional Mexican enchiladas. It had corn, beans, potatoes, and some other weird things.

It has been a while now but at an older couples house in Dunfermline we had a chicken pasta thing which was really good and garlic bread. And she was like, “ok I don't want any leftovers so you can’t leave until it’s all gone! And it was a lot of food. So we pounded the meal and the garlic bread and it was so good but I was so stuffed. Then, she comes out with this huge plate of cookies and again they were so amazing and there was a huge pitcher of milk to go with it but she is like “ok boys the same rule applies!” and the lady and her husband only had one cookie each! Come on help us out a little here guys! haha So we each had 10 cookies and like a pint of milk after I was already full!  We were so stuffed it was ridiculous.But at least it was good food.

So I hear the bag pipes a lot.  Occasionally there will be different street performers playing the bagpipes or guitars haha. So Elder Hinckley told me that in Inverness is the guy that plays AC/DC with the bagpipes and has flames shooting out. He said he’s seen him there a couple of times. I was at a members home and he played the bagpipes for us and that was like the second week of my mission it was super cool and really loud haha.

So this week not much happened.  We have been finding in the Dundee city center and have been finding pretty good success. The problem here is that there is a lot of people that are really interested but don't wanna meet up or commit to anything. But we’ve had a bunch of drunk people hit on us haha.  Like on Friday night there was a lady who just about fell into the fountain then said we were looking fit and healthy haha she was so wasted but it can be fun to mess with them a little.

It has been raining again lately so it can be hard to get people to stop and talk to you when they are soaking wet. but its a good thing that I still like the rain haha it rains all the time haha.

This week nothing crazy has happened but its been another great week as a missionary. And the elders I’m with this week are really cool and fun. So we get along good. We have a pretty big flat right next to the Tay Bridge so its has a decent view and we have a magnetic dart board and so I am getting really good at darts.  At night I usually have a couple games with Elder Pelham and the games are super intense cause we area bout the same skill. hitting like 3 bullseyes each time haha random story of the week.

So I have been thinking about it and I think the best thing that could happen to me is if one day I got a package and it was full of carne asada! haha I miss that stuff. So feel free to send a package of that or really anything:)

I love you all and im loving my mission here in Scotland!

Love Elder Price

P.S.  . I will send some sweet pictures of this really cool beach in Kirkaldy that we found while trying to find a new high street. It is me and Elder Ritchie and his companion Elder McDaniel.  They are super cool.  Elder McDaniel is my district leader so I talk to him a lot.


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