June 5, 2017


Dunfermline Scotland


Elder Hinckley

crazy week

This week was nuts .  Let me tell you how it went.  On Sunday we took a bus to Edinburgh so Elder Hinckley could do his departing dinner and stuff.  I stayed the night in the zone leaders flat here and on Monday I had an awesome Pday with the AP's and a bunch of missionaries that their parents were going to pick them up later that day so we went to an Asian buffet that was so good. Then we played some intense ultimate Frisbee for like 3 hours haha and I didn't have my trainers(running shoes) so I ran in my dress shoes haha it was worth it cause we won. That night I stayed in the zone leaders flat again which by the way is the nicest flat in the mission and it is super awesome.  It has a balcony that overlooks the city.  But then the next day was training meeting so I went to the mission home and got to meet all the new elders and we had dinner together. then when we got assigned our new companions.  Me and another elder didn't get a companion. So 2 of the elders were in the hospital at the MTC one has an infection in his finger or something then the other needed like medication or something. I found out later that a Pilipino elder is gonna be my new companion and he has the infection.  So me and Elder Pelham went back to Dundee (his area) while we waited on our companions. I stayed Wednesday night in the mission home and all day Wednesday I got to go finding in Edinburgh with Elder McLeish who is in my group and a new elder who is from Sweden. haha We had so much fun together but we went finding all day while Elder Pehlam was in new leadership training meeting. That morning the AP's let me drive! haha It was nuts.  Driving on the left side isn't the weird part, the weird part is how tight of a squeeze everything is and how every intersection is at a crazy angle. It was awesome to drive again I missed it.  Wednesday night we took a train to Dundee and I have been in Dundee ever since. Elder Pehlam got his companion on Friday though so I have been staying with Elder Pehlam cause they have a huge flat.  I go out finding and teaching with the zone leaders. I will be in Dundee till next Sunday at the minimum, which kinda sucks cause I’m not in my area. Dundee is nice, its not huge but its bigger than my area. but so i am gonna try to have fun in a trio all week haha. wish me luck!  Sorry no pictures of Edinburgh but it is such a beautiful city you guys would love it! When we went finding all day basically we just went exploring the city so I got to see a bunch of it and its awesome and it was a super sunny and warm day which was kinda nice.

So i am missing Mexican food. haha They have horrible Mexican food here. I really need a carne asada burrito from filibertos. Or dad will remember the breakfast burrito that we had in cholla mexico, man that was so good! The food here is good but didn't realize how big America was on food until I got here.  Everybody thinks America is crazy about food and I guess we kinda are haha.  But I am loving life here in rainy Scotland and its crazy how fast I’ve gotten used to all of the different stuff over here. Send me lots of pictures from lake powell next time you go cause I miss that place a lot haha.  Happy late bday Mallory.

Love, Elder Price


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