April 24, 2017


Dunfermline Scotland


Elder Hinckley

Second transfer

So just like every week, this week was crazy again. We had moves on Wednesday and so on Tuesday night we went to Dundee. and spent the night in the other missionaries flat. We went and got fish and chips that night and it was so good!  It’s way different than Pete’s Fish and Chips, but was super good in a totally different way.  Then I met Elder Hinckley at the train station and we went to Five Guys for lunch! haha   How awesome is that they have Five Guys in Scotland!!  It was great, but super expensive.  So we are settling into Dunfermline.  Elder Hinckley is an awesome guy!  We have tons of fun together.  This is his last transfer, so he has a bunch of money saved up so we are eating like kings.  We have salmon and mangos and bagels and all kinds of super fancy nice stuff. (bagels are super expensive here for some reason but really good).  We also run to a park like a half mile away and exercise every morning So I’m gonna get in shape haha.  So far I haven't gained a whole lot of weight only 5 pounds, but i dont wanna get fat, cause we also just got these amazing bus passes that can take us pretty much anywhere and is is so nice.  So last pday I went and got a haircut and I told the guy I just wanted a number 3 on the sides and just a little trim off the top. and he hacked it all off!  I’ve never had my hair so short in my life!  It was like a number 1 all the way around and he did a number 3 up top it was crazy short but it will hopefully grow back.  Next pday we are headed up to St Andrews to go golfing with the zone leaders!  I’ super excited for that it will be awesome.  So nothing crazy is happening other than that.   No funny stories or anything like that yet.  The weather has been great, it has only rained like twice this week. and its supper sunny.  The one thing that I am super excited about missing, is the Arizona summer! haha  I’m gonna melt when I get back I;m so used to the cold already.  I haven’t worn a jacket in like 2 weeks.  This lady stopped us in Tesco today when we were shopping and told us that we needed coats on cause its way too cold outside. haha  That’s like the third time that’s happened to me.  It’s really interesting to meet so many people and talk to strangers everyday.  There are so many crazy people here.  There’s lots of nice people too but there seems to not be any normal.  It’s either awesome super nice people or totally crazy.  Life lessons.  And if I’m honest, I’m glad we had a revolution.  They are just different enough here to make you mad.  For example, the building in the neighborhoods are just giant cinder blocks basically, the light switches are upside down and are never inside the room they are always outside the door.  The outlets are weird shapes and the door knobs suck they are way to close to the frame and so you can’t grab them.  The street signs either don’t exist or are hiding so good you can’t find them.  The addresses on a street are crazy and the numbers just kinda go whatever direction you want down a random side road.  And apparently their dvds and blue rays are different as well.  Sorry I kind of ranted for a second.  But it is crazy how everything is just random and different.  I do love it here, I’m just bugged a little by some of the little things.  But mission life is great  We love it here and when I get bored at night, when I’m waiting for district leader to call I go in the other room and play darts.  We have this awesome professional dart board we found in the flat.  I love you and hope you have a great week and don’t melt away in the heat.

Love, Elder Price


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