April 17, 2017


Dunfermline Scotland


Elder Turner


So it’s been a while since I sent out a good email.  I’m sorry, but it’s really hard to get to a computer with internet when the church internet is down.  The library is closed but we found a place today.

So a bunch of stuff has been happening. We went to a Scotland East meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland.  It was a big meeting with a little over 50 or 60 missionaries.  The train ride there was so beautiful! But it was like a three hour train ride which was ridiculous. It was really great to meet other missionaries. We went to Kirkaldy last p-day and played frisbee in a huge park they have there.  It was a massive park! We have these frisbees that can fly super far and it was awesome we were throwing them like 200 yards and catching them. So transfer calls came on Saturday and I am staying in Dunfermline and Elder Turner is going to Glasgow to be a district leader.  So in this mission there are 2 elder Hinkleys and Elder Turner is going to have the younger Hinkley and I am going to have the older Elder Hinkley. haha. 

Dunfermline is really interesting.  I love it here, but I have seen a lot of strange things and lots of stories.  The ward is awesome and the members are like the nicest people ever.  We got these giant chocolate eggs for Easter.  Oh ya, the story behind that.  So we had a dinner aappointment with a Brazilian family in the ward at 5 and that morning an investigator, Nic, gave us a call and wanted to chat and feed us dinner around 7 haha.  So we said yes and we were super pumped for 2 dinner appointments. Then later that day we ran into a less active that we have met before and she was super happy to see us and instisted that we come over for a late lunch at like 3!  haha so we couldn’t say no and so we had three dinner appointments in one night!  It was crazy! The food was all amazing, we had pasta at one house and she gave us a bag of chocolate and both a chocolate egg. Then the next house we had some awesome Brazilian food,  like chicken and rice and black beans and potatoes which was so amazing! Then the kids ran up to us and gave us each an egg carton with 4 chocolate eggs that were filled with oreos! Then, we went to another house! had like basically spaghetti with chunks of beef! We barely made it back to our flat that night, haha.  I was so stuffed. and it was all such great food. then the next day we went to another house who gave us another huge chocolate egg! I took a picture of how big it was and I’ll send it next week. So many crazy and great things are happening here in Dunfermline. I almost forgot we had a baptism hahaha!  On Saturday Craig was baptised. It was a great service and he was super excited. I have a picture and will try and send it. We didn’t teach him a whole lot but it was still great to see him change his life. He was a heavy smoker and he was looking for a direction in life and God gave it to him. He is one of the hardest people to understand so far I think, other than random people on the street he is hard to get but I have gotten a ton better.

So Elder Turner is leaving and it’s super sad to see him go. We had tons of great times like one morning he had a spider crawl onto his shirt while he was ironing it and he screamed like a little girl! haha so he starts to steam it with the iron and it wont die! haha so as it starts running up the wall he just slams the hot iron against the wall and smashes it! hahaha  It was amazing and totally what I would’ve done.

So we have been teaching this guy Norman (Noz) he is like the definition of a Scottsman. He is huge.  I’ll meet up with him this week and get a picture.  He is like one of our best buddies. He is super cool, but he’s not progressing so I think we have to drop him which stinks.  But we also met these two girls on the street last week and we met with them in a coffee shop and taught the plan of salvation and set a baptismal date! It was amazing! All of our hard work is finally paying off and Elder Turner is leaving.  And we have been meeting with another guy Nic who is in his late 40s and is super interested in the church and has an awesome story of how he changed his life and found God. Hopefully we will help him find the restored gospel and set him with a baptismal date.  He is super nice and kinda goofy. then!... when we were at another house for dinner ( in case you havent noticed the members feed us a ton. We had a meal everyday last week) and they gave us 5 referals!  So I have a bunch of things to be doing.

I have officially had haggis and it’s actually really good.  It’s not near as crazy as everyone makes it sound.  We had it at the Lynch’s and it was really good.  Its like a grated mashed potatoes it was really good.

I know that there is probably a lot of stuff I am forgetting but I am once again out of time.  I have learned the past few weeks that hard work pays off.  If we put our mind to something and work hard we can accomplish great things with the Lord’s help.  Although you may not see results right away, be patient and keep working hard and the rewards will come. We had a terrible week where every appointment cancelled on us and we couldn’t get any more potential investigators.  But we kept working hard and we set 2 new people with a date and got 3 new potentials and 5 referrals!  So hold tight to the iron rod and keep walking cause you might not see the tree of life through the fog but you will make it.  So in the end this transfer I have learned more about enduring to the end.

I love you all and I miss you

Love, Elder Price


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