March 13, 2017


Preston England MTC


Elder Rodriquez

Week 3 - last week at the mtc

so my final week at the mtc is coming to a close. i leave tomorow morning with 10 other people.  my pday is going to moved to monday like normal missionaries. i am just writing today because i wont have any time tomorow. its crazy how busy i am i hardly have any time to email again. i am writing during study time right now haha. and it doesnt help that i am a super slow typer.  but oh well. this week has been amazing which i guess is normal around here. we had a really cool church history tour that took us all around preston and we got to see a ton of awesome sites. but my camera died so i only got a few pictures. but im gonna try to get the pictures my companion took. it was an awesome experience. the church  we went to at the end was so cool it is an extremely old church of England chapel. it was so cool inside. the tour guide was telling us that there were stories about st peter going to the hill that is is on and blessing the land which is crazy! sadly i cant remember everything from the tour but i remember that it was an amazing experience that ill never forget. this mtc expeerience has been awesome i have made so many friends that i feel like i have known forever. the engand mtc was definetly the perfect place for me.  it is only like 50 people and we are all so close. these last three weeks will definetly be some of the most memorable times of my life my testimony has grown so much and i have learned so much about the scriptures the gospel the atonement and myself. i know this church is true and i have realized even more how much jesus christ sacrificed for us as i have been studying the atonement and how much God loves us. that has definetly been the message that is the overlying theme as ive been studying lessons and teaching investigators. the most important thing we can know is that God loves us and wants the best for us. and i love you all until next week
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