February 4, 2019


Kilmarnock, Scotland


Elder Fisk

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i cant believe its almost over! 1 week! but i have learned so much and grown so much! im sorry i am a terrible writter, if anything thats probably the only thing that i didnt improve on my misison haha. but i just cant describe some of the feelings and experiences over these last 2 years. tbh you guys will probably notice more of the changes in me than i do or will. but i am extremely grateful to be sent to the best mission in the world, with the best mission president(s) it has not been any easy journey but i wouldnt want it any other way. and that was a hard decision to come to lol. but im super excited to see you all again! im pretty pumped and hopefully we can get a majority of my mission stories out of me in a week haha.

so this last week was good we got a new investigator and are getting a few less actives to church fairly consistently! so there is some progress here! this was my last sunday in killie. and it was pretty sad to leave them all, we have grown pretty close, i know them all pretty well. but im excited to get home and see all my friends and family again!

so last pday we had the most legend thing ever happen. we went to the mull of galloway which is a sick light house at the southern most tip of scotland(ive now been to the top and bottom of scotland:)!) ill send some pictures but the whole district drove downt here and it was a really nice day! \

so it snowed most of this week... but yesterday it warmed up a bunch and all the snow is now melted haha, hopefully it should be decent weather when you guys come. the highlands will definitely be the coldest part of the trip,

see you soon! love you guys!

Elder Price


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