January 28, 2019


Kilmarnock, Scotland


Elder Fisk

Jan 27 - 2 weeks left

thats really great to hear about the study of john 1, we did that this week in our study group we've been having at the walkers and we had a great discussion!

but ya makes sure you got your warm winter coasts ready! its really started to get cold here! it snowed a bunch this week! ill send a picture of us in this village with some snow on the ground!

so this week has been the biggest blur ever! on friday we had an Emove and elder hylander got moved and i am now with elder fisk. he is from springville utah. he's a nice guy but it was sad to see elder hylander go.

so this week we had our come follow me study group and we also met our buddy lionel! he is a friend who moved from romania and he is the nicest guy ever haha he's so funny and we are teaching him, we will meet him a few times this week!

the other thing that happened this week that was kinda weird but cool was the burns supper. we just had some good ol haggis neeps and tatties.(haggis, turnips, potatoes) so the burns supper was good but kinda weird haha it was just very scottish. but it was cool to actually see one.

so only 2 weeks left! ill see you guys soon! let me know if theres anything you wanna know or need before you head over.

so i will be in edinburgh ward on sunday, so maybe dalkeith or dunfermline or falkirk would be good to go to, but i am also climbing arthurs seat, so... haha but if you wanna you could go just don't go the same time as us. so we should go not too long after church lets out.

but i love you have a great week!

Elder Price


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