October 4, 2018


Kilmarnock, Scotland


Elder Rodriguez

letter stuck in drafts

so i swear i sent this but it was just in drafts when i checked today, sorry but here is my short email:)

hey so this week went by pretty quick not too much happened.

this sunday was the primary program as well, it was pretty good, very different from the one back home haha there were only like 6 kids, and that is pretty big.

on friday there was a ward activity at the church and it was like an around the world food night. and i enjoyed the american booth haha. it was interesting to see a scottish take on american food, but she did a pretty good job, there was mac n cheese, smores, cheescake, and some sad attempts at corn dogs haha.

this week we also did some service for a member and had our interviews with President Macdonald, he is a really cool guy we get along great so i really liked interviews.

this saturday is moves call already! crazy! but anyways its crazy that im gonna be 21 next week. ! im physically the oldest in my district and idk about zone, but for my bday i was thinking of a few things but some american snacks or sweets would be really great! like some dr pepper rt beer, butterfingers and maybe even a sauce packet to make biscuits and gravy! haha but things like that, or some money i really wanna get some football or rugby jerseys before i go home.

we went to ayr for pday last monday and i have a few pictures ill send from after district meeting but for now have a great week and know that the church is true!

Love Elder Price

so we took some funny photos after DM, ya.. maybe ive been out for too long lol


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