September 4, 2018


Kilmarnock, Scotland


Elder Rodriguez


 this week was good. kilmarnock is a nice place. we are teaching our friend Dean and he has his baptismal interview this week! so we should have a baptism in the next couple weeks! the ward is really good. a lot bigger than orkney lol there was probably like 40 people at church on sunday!
so i swear i told you but my companion is Elder Rodriguez(not my mtc comp) he is from colombia. hes a nice guy. and he goes home in 2 transfers so i bet i will be with him for the next 2. 
so our church doesnt have computers... and the library is closed on mondays... so we go to a cafe and pay to use the computers which is good in a way casue the computers are nice and i am uploading all my videos and pictures from a  while ago! way back to stornoway hahaso our area isnt huge but we have bus passes so we can usually get around pretty easy. but we do lots of walking. so our flat is pretty nice! i actually really like it. and i have a queen bed again so thats nice haha. 
but we've had a good week and should be another good week coming up!Love You guys!Love Elder Price

P.S. (note from mom: received this pic from kara ann tucker, who is ivan prince's sister. The sister missionary is sis.tucker. the parents came to pick up their daughter and ran into riley at church)


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