August 20, 2018


Orkney Islands


Elder Foster

Aug 20th

so you’ll be happy to know that i think this week was the busiest at church, there were 14 people including us! haha thats still kinda sad but it wasnt too bad.  other than that not much happened this week, its still been pretty nice weather but thats on the decline. we taught our friend Vanessa again she is doing pretty good. and lots of finding. weve gone to a couple members houses, one of them they made us deep fried Orkney cheese! kinda weird tbh it was really good but the problem was our stomachs didnt like it. we had so much gas the next couple days haha.

oh ya so Shetland was really nice, a lot more like Orkney then what i expected. but still really beautiful! on pday we went and found a smugglers cove. its just a cave in the rock. it has a ladder rope that is just in this hole in the ground that led into this cave where a bunch of vikings used to hide and smuggle stuff. it was really cool. and then for dinner the next day i went to the northern most chip shop in the u.k.! it was really good! pretty expensive though.

so im alive and well and i hope you have a great week and enjoy powell!

Elder Price


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