July 30, 2018


Orkney Islands


Elder Foster

july 30

so yes i did get your email about the lady in the branch and the connection is pretty cool! so ya this week there were 7 people at church and one was a visitor from aberdeen. lol.

so this week was good. it was super sunny and beautiful!

on wednesday we got back from the conference. it was really good. i always enjoy the conferences and getting to see other people. so we spent tuesday night in inverness and then drove up to thurso with the thurso elders when we got there they cooked us Venice burgers they were really good, but then we got the ferry to orkney. most of the rest of the week was just finding, so gqing and chapping. it wasnt too bad we were able to meet a few cool people.

so our flat is nice its pretty small but its clean and everything works just fine. oh ya and we have a dryer! this is the first area ive had a dryer in! its kinda weird tbh. but i like it you dont have to wait all night for your clothes to dry lol

but lifes going good up here in the islands! hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Riley Price


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