July 25, 2018


Orkney Islands


Elder Foster

July 25

so i got back to orkney today. we went down to Aberdeen sunday night for the Scotland north conference. and i got a few minutes to email.

but some things about my area. so it is a smalll branch, about 6 people. we meet in a school on sundays for 2 hours. we still split up for classes. but it is only 30 min a class. so Sunday school then priesthood. the island is super pretty, hopefully this next pday we will get to go see some puffins!! (check that off the bucket list). its not cold at all its actually really nice weather, it hasnt rained a whole lot and its been really sunny. i havent worn a jacket in a good while. but in the winter its super cold up here. but they always take missionaries off the islands for the winter. so far the biggest difference between here and stornoway is in stornoway there were beaches everywhere! but here is more rocky coast line with lots of rolling hills.

so yes they have highland cows here elder foster got some on our trip back to Orkney near inverness ill get those from him but they are really big and pretty cool looking.

Elder Price


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