July 9, 2018


Stornoway Scotland


Elder Selander

July 9

the pictures are of us in Ness on sunday doing some less active finding(since were not allowed to proselyte)we saw these cool cliffs and rocks so this is the northernmost point of our area

 this was a really good week we met our new mission president and hes a great guy, he used to be an institute teacher and so hes really good at instructing, hes funny. and we all liked him so it will be good to get to know him more in the future. so after the conference we had some time so we went on splits with some other elders in Edinburgh but first went to five guys for lunch!! i love five guys it is the most American place over here and its so good to get a good burger, the only problem is it is sooo expensive like i went big time and got a shake cajun fries and a burger and it was £17!! so like $21 but i think its worth it for a taste of freedom! haha but then we went to Aberdeen that night for an exchange with the Zls. so Wednesday we were on exchanges which was the 4th of july! i was with elder Mcleish who is from my MTC group. he a good guy, but we were in Aberdeen talking to people most the day taught a lesson, but the best part was that night they hooked us up with a barbeque with a way cool American family in the ward! it was soo good to have a good 4th of July! we had some british root beer hot dogs hamburgers Doritos and pop tarts, just about the all the American stuff we could get our hands on. it was really good. maybe if i get the pictures from another elder ill send them. but then we spent that night in Inverness casue our ferry was thursday morning. so when we headed out that morning to get the ferry after leaving we realized we didnt have enough fuel. we had a range of about 38 miles and had 50 miles to go... so we decided to send it. the problem was we were in a hurry, we had to go 50 miles in just about 50min. so i had to be moving along. so at one point i looked down and we had a range of 10 miles and 21 miles left to go. so i said a little prayer in my head and kept going, so keep in mind im moving along on the road at like 75 now cause we needed to get to the ferry in 20 min. so ya it was interesting, but hey we made it! even made it to the petrol station in Stornoway! thats my mini miracle for the week.but then the rest of this week was finding and doing lots of trybys of people that said we could come back. So Elder Selander goes home this week, well sort of we leave for the mission home this week he will be out on Monday next week. but on friday we are getting the ferry then going down to Edinburgh for Saturday night. so ill probably stay in Aberdeen waiting for a new companion. i should get moves call on Thursday. but i hope you guys enjoy powell! send lots of pictures next week! stay safeLove Elder Price


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