June 11, 2018


Stornoway Scotland


Elder Selander


so this has been a good week! its been really good to see the island and do a bunch of work!

so i am probably just gonna do an email just attempting to answer your many questions(22 to be exact i counted) so here it goes.

-church this week was good it is a small branch and on Sunday there were 10 people not including us. so the Branch President had me introduce myself and bare my testimony then afterward he decided to give the rest of the time to the high councilor that was there. so because everything went really fast like the sacrament, he had 50 min to talk! it was good but still, a super long time to speak.

-the members here are great they will have us over for meals occasionally but they are really helpful

-we bless the sacrament every week i think and probably speak occasionally but it's not too bad.

-in Stornoway, the missionaries are treated pretty well everybody is super nice and they help us out a lot lol whenever we cant find something you just ask someone and they'll help you out. but we are also pretty involved in the community so we know a bunch of people in town, we volunteer at a few places.

-so theres not a lot of part-member families in Stornoway but lots of less actives lol

-so there accent here is a little different and i can't really describe it yet but its fairly easy to understand so thats good.

-the members of the church are treated pretty well, not everyone will be open to the church but they dont really persecute or anything, its a very different feel than in Derry haha just about the exact opposite

-so a lot of the old people speak Gaelic i've heard them a couple times but everybody speaks English but a lot of the road signs are in Gaelic than English beneath

-so there are lots of cool things in Stornoway and we've seen a few and will see more we have some really cool plans for the next couple weeks;)

-the weather is amazing but it hasn't rained it like a month which is crazy but its been amazing like in Coleraine it only rained once in the 3 weeks lol but its been amazing here ill send pics

-my companion is a legend. Elder Selander. hes my first companion from Utah! but he was my zl in Belfast and hes a really good guy and we have a good time

-so i love it in the summer it stays light most the day. so it probably gets light at 5am then doesn't get dark till around 1130 or so. its great for working at night.

-no i have not seen the northern lights yet i don't know if we are far enough north for that

-having a car is so nice and i love driving so its good to be able to do that. its a nice car we hae a built in sat nav with back up camera so nae bad

-first week has been really good its just a struggle trying to remember everybody that i keep meeting

-the ferry ride wasn't to bad it was 3 hours and i got a little sick towards the end but it think its cause i didn't have enough water and it was boiling hot in the ferry but it wasn't bad, elder Selander slept the whole time haha

well thats me! ill send some sick pics and i hope you all have a grat week!


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