April 23, 2018


Airdrie Scotland


Elder Kapolnasi

april 22

To be honest, our area doesn't have anything super cool. so we usually just play sports at the church. but one of our member friends is jim he has been a member for a little over a year and hes so funny and helps us a ton so like today he texted us and wanted to see if we wanted pizza for lunch at the church while we play badmitten.

i think next pday we are gonna go to glasgow. probably to play frisbee. but there isnt a ton to see in glasgow. not in the way edinburgh has tons for you to see, the city is really cool to walk around and see everything but its a pretty modern city.

one of the things i love about being over here is the chance i have to not worry about politics in any way. i always get asked about trump on the street haha but i can honestly now say that i really dont know anything about whats going on. other than the things people will tell me.

my flat is really nice actually it isnt huge but its just about perfect size i would say. there is a huge living room that is kinda connected to the kitchen it is only separated by an island in the kitchen. its pretty open and i like it. and my beds pretty im pretty sure its a queen and i think its comfy so its nae bad. and our shower got fixed so its a pretty good flat overall.

my companion is good. we get along pretty well especially considering this is our third transfer together he is now my longest companion. and only my third one that is older that me in mission age. the only other 2 that are older are my trainers. his English is really good but sometimes his grammar is off or very rarely he uses the wrong word for something and its really funny. like he told the bishops wife yesterday that her hair was funny and interesting haha it was so funny but she laughed cause we know he just used the wrong words haha.

the town.... its interesting lol the people are usually really nice just not interested. but its just another small town is c=scotland. when they changed everything into different councils it really messed up these towns. like airdrie used to be a really nice town that had a lot of really nice shops. now it has tons of charity shops and take aways. somewhat similar to dunfermline. but the ward is really great here as well we are gonna have at least like 4 or 5 dinners this week and they are all pretty nice.

but thats pretty much me. so hope that helps. have a great week

Love Elder Price


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