March 12, 2018


Airdrie Scotland


Elder Kapolnasi

march 11

so another week in airdrie!

on monday we went with a member who took us to a pool hall and we played for like 2 hours. i found out that i am terrible at pool but it was fun and we have a couple videos with jim(the member) talking with scottish accent haha hes funny. then on tuesday we had another district meeting in glasgow which was realy good then wednesday we got a new shower! haha its so nice we can take hot showers now! but lots of fnding this week and some teaching so not too bad today a member is gonna take us to a museum in glasgow so we will see how that goes but all is well in airdire. we should have another good week

love you all

Elder Price

mom: so ive been thinking are you stil planing on picking me up after my mission? if so your gonna wanna get into shape we are gonna walk a lot haha. so to keep up with me you should walk about 12 miles every night haha jk but definetly start walking cause there are hills everywhere and even if you get a car you will still wallk a lot. lots of love! -Riley


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