March 5, 2018


Airdrie Scotland


Elder Kapolnasi

the beast from the east

so this week it decided to snow really hard. during scotland south it was just snowing the whole time. so we made it back to our area and had a family home evening with sheona and john which was really good! i shared the Mormon message called the will of god. so the next morning we actually managed to get a train to Glasgow for interviews with president. but our train was the only one still running all the others were cancelled cause of the snow. and later that day everything was cancelled. the whole town shut down. its so funny so it snows here every year but nobody is ever prepared for it. no one knows what to do its sad but kinda funny at the same time. so we spent a good part of the day helping cars get unstuck and push them up this hill in town. so when we were walking around town we found this section of bricks on a hill that was super slippery and so we ran and slid down it and i measured it, we slid for 55ft all the way down. i will attach the video of us sliding.

normally it doesn't snow this much here but we got a storm blown in from Siberia and so the town was on red alert for like 2 days cause everything was frozen.

so i saw more trucks this week than i have my whole mission, but still no proper trucks just small ones like ford rangers. i havent seen a full sized truck in over a year. i wonder what they look like lol.

so everything is still going good here in airdire most of the snow has melted already but should be another good week

hope you have a good week!

Love Elder Price


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