January 15, 2018


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Lybbert

Grainan Fort

So this past week was pretty good. It was really windy and cold but oh well lol. On Monday we went to Grainan Fort and another castle thing that I’ve been to before.  It was really cool. It was also really cold haha.  It looks sunny and warm but in reality it was pretty windy and cold, but at least a nice day and pretty clear for pictures. I’ll attach some photos. While at one of the castles, Elder Glasgow was up on top and he dropped his camera down to me so I could get a picture of him, so i did.  But then I decided to mess with him a little. So I took his camera out of his case and put it in my pocket and then found a rock about the size of his camera and put it in the case. I yelled up to him to catch his camera and I threw it just short of his hands and it fell down like 30 ft into a bunch of rocks. Hahaha.  His face was priceless! He thought I broke his camera! He looked over the edge at me and just couldn’t say anything haha. It was great! But then I showed him it was just a rock haha.

So then on Tuesday we decided to have exchanges with Omagh since they were already here and they would drive us to Dublin Wednesday morning. So Tuesday was good.  I was with Elder Glasgow. Then Tuesday night we drove down to Omagh and stayed the night there.   On the way down we hit a badger! haha ya i know thats super random but it was massive and just ran out in front of us.

Wednesday morning we drove down to Dublin and had a really good all Ireland conference. So that happens every transfer. Then we drove back to Derry that night. The rest of the week was a lot of finding and not much happening. A lot of wind. But next week should be good.  Tuesday we are gonna have district meeting a 4pm so that we can watch the broadcast by President Nelson. And we are going on exchanges with the ZLS in Belfast on Wednesday so it should  be a pretty good week!

Love you all

Elder Price


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